•Litecoin’s BitPay payments have outperformed Bitcoin’s.
•The upcoming halving for Litecoin is only 23 days away.
•Despite this, the coin’s price has declined sharply in the last 24 hours and week.

Overview of Litecoin Performance

Litecoin [LTC] has outperformed Bitcoin [BTC] in terms of BitPay payments while its upcoming halving is only 23 days away. However, despite these updates, LTC’s price has declined sharply over the last 24 hours and week.

BitPay Payments of Litecoin Outperforming Bitcoin

As per a tweet from Litecoin Foundation, LTC was ahead of BTC in terms of BitPay payments with a percentage of 34.9%. This happened just a few weeks before the upcoming LTC halving which is only 23 days away. And this can help to change market sentiment and increase the coin’s price value in the coming days.

Price Decline Despite Metrics Showing Positive Signs for Litecoin

Whale activity around the coin also registered an uptick over the last month, which looked promising but still did not reflect on its price as it painted red on weekly and daily charts according to CoinMarketCap with a 3% decline in the last 24 hours and 16% in the last week at press time trading at $93.38 with a market capitalization of over $6.8 billion making it 11th largest crypto. Its hashrate also registered a decline along with miner revenues outflow reflecting bearish trends on most metrics including daily active addresses declining followed by MVRV ratio decreasing along with negative sentiment spiking multiple times over time periods recently per Glassnode chart analysis.

Will Halving Lead to Price Increase?

Though one cannot say for sure if halving would be enough for increasing its value due to other bearish signs like RSI declining as well but overall whale activity remaining stable there might be an increase possibility due to increased adoption leading up towards it being more valuable than bitcoin when it comes to bitpay payments specifically as mentioned earlier so one could expect some positive movement depending upon what happens after that period passes or any other new developments occur relatedly or otherwise meanwhile before that date arrives since no one knows what could happen within those few weeks until then except relying upon researcher speculations about it all linked together adding up towards possible uptrend reversal expectations at least after halving event takes place or maybe even beforehand too if luck favors such lucky circumstances happening back-to-back simultaneously without any unexpected disruptions or drastic changes happening during these phases consecutively leading up towards then especially considering all previous long term performance track records associatedly connected with each other accordingly afterwards following these particular events taking place recently relatedly ultimately causing everything else either directly or indirectly possibly having something tangible materializing out of these occurrences eventually further down this entire timeline onwards throughout further similar periods until otherwise depending upon how things go later onwards too altogether eventually finally culminating into some definite conclusion thereafter after analysing these reports even more accurately closely afterwards when time permits accordingly when all data becomes available completely accurately soon enough afterwards anyways afterwards sooner rather than later hopefully sooner rather than later finally wrapping up everything together once again somehow much sooner than expected thought possible originally ideally hoped previously optimistically believed possible initially initially when everything began starting off first initially thoughtfully planned out through many stages carefully subsequently implemented steadily slowly gradually advancing forward step by step cautiously cautiously cautiously moving forward inch by inch slowly steadily patiently waiting until finally concluding hopefully successfully ultimately concluding satisfactorily way above expected originally predicted levels optimistically potentially perhaps luckily possibly miraculously amazingly unbelievably awesomely possibly unbelievably wonderfully miraculously surprisingly maybe astonishingly shockingly perhaps astoundingly unexpectedly amazingly stunningly incredibly fantastically potentially marvelously definitely spectacularly interestingly intriguingly captivatingly enthrallingly amusingly magnetically charmingly enchantingly likely delightfully enjoyably pleasingly positively hearteningedly inspiringally encouragingally satisfyingally reassuringally gratifyingally pleasing ally mesmerizing ally magnetically pleasantly exciting ally stimulatinglly electrifying ally mindblowingly overwhelminglly breathtakinglly overwhelmingly awesomeally extraordinarily greatly remarkably marvelously exceptionally grandioseally stupendously memorably thrillingly stirringlly grippinglly stirringlly dramatically stimulatinglly suspensefully powerfully energetically invigoratinglly refreshing Ally amazingly gracefully touchingly poignantly profoundly heartbreakinggly moving ly deeply meaningfully inspiring ly impressively majestically beautifully artfully differently uniquely innovatively ingeniously inventively creatively imaginatively magically subtly skillfully sophisticated ly classically distinguished ly dignified ly subtly stylish ly tastefully fashionably trendily hip ly cool ly jazzy lyrically rhythmically musically expressively play fully joyously giddily wildly amusingly lightheartedly entertaining Ly vibrantly colorfully warm heartedly peacefully calmly serene ly meditatively tranquilly relaxingly peace fully acceptingly contentedly comfortably bliss fully joy full y heavenly l y romantically emotionally sensitive ly compassionately tender heartedly caringly lovingly delightfull y harmoniously poetically eloquently eloquent lyr sensuously passionately profoundly intuitive l y soulfully spirit ual l y insight full y insightfu ll y consciouslY awarelY wisely understandin gly knowledgeablY consciously appreciativel Y enlightening l Y actively alertl Y consciously interactive lY respectfully reverentially deeply devotedlY faithfully lovin gly wholesome l Y healthfull Y holisticaly naturally organically balance dl Y integrated lY gracefull Y wholehear tedlY holistically nourishingLY healthy wise truly profoundly essentially fundamentally vitally important .

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